Four Facts about Ric Flair That You Probably Did Not Know

Ric Flair is one of the most celebrated wrestlers in pro wrestling world. In fact, if you are not a fanatic of wrestling, you have probably heard about Ric Flair. He is a renowned wrestler who has been in the WWE Hall of Fame for about a decade, and in his forties, he became popular by the name "Nature Boy". To learn more about Ric Flair,  click here. Even though many people know Ric Flair as an ecstatic wrestler, there are a lot of other things that people did not know about his life. If you are interested in knowing a few things about this outstanding wrestler, then article provides you with facts.

He does not know his real name - Even though Ric Flair is a household name in world wrestling, the wrestler is not sure about the name. Shortly after Ric Flair was born in Memphis in 1949, his adoption was organized by Tennessee Children's Home Society. This children's home was notorious for kidnapping infants and giving them out to families that were ready to adopt them. For that reason, a lot of mysteries surround the name real name of the wrestler. Several suggestions have come up about his real name with some people saying that he was called Fred Phillips, Fred Demaree or Fred Stewart.

He attempted to abandon wrestling after the first two days - It is unbelievable that Ric Flair almost quit wrestling when he just started. When he began this journey, he got the chance to train under the watch of Verne Gagne and other pro wrestlers such as The Iron Sheik. To get more info, click view here for more. As soon as he started training, he realized that it was not an easy task and it demanded a lot to be physically fit. For instance, he had to jog two miles, do 500 free squats, 200 sit-ups, and 200 push-ups. When he gave up on the third day, Gagne forced him back to the training.

He was an airplane crash survivor in 1975 - He started his career locally in American Wrestling Association, and as he mastered the skills and got famous, he started traveling overseas for events in Japan. In October 1975, he was involved in a plane crash in North Carolina which killed the pilot, but he was lucky to survive with multiple injuries. The accident threatened his life and wrestling career, and the doctors told him that he would never wrestle again, but he was back in the ring after eight months.

Survived a lightning strike - Before the plane crash in 1975, Ric Flair had survived a lightning strike in 1970. This strange incident happened when he alighted from a plane and was heading for a match. His umbrella was struck, and it bounced to hit a man who was just behind him.Learn more from